What We Do

Venezia Investigative Services is a professional private investigations firm based in Orange County, California. Venezia Investigative Services is licensed by the State of California through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Venezia Investigative Services has been providing investigative and intelligence services to the legal and business community since 1995, offering a complete portfolio of investigations and litigation support to law firms, individuals, municipalities, corporations and insurance companies. Our work has been noted on television, radio, magazines, trade journals and newspapers.

Our investigative staff is comprised of top-level investigation professionals with diverse backgrounds and unequaled investigative skills from the law enforcement community to the business industry. With more resources than most investigation agencies our superior databases and investigative retrieval of information can accommodate any request.

Through our proprietary network of highly skilled associates we have the ability to perform investigations anywhere in the state of California, nationwide and internationally.

Each investigator brings extensive expertise in database research, identifying and locating individuals, missing persons, field work, civil and criminal investigations, surveillance, legal support, fraud investigations, domestic relations, background searches and asset research.

At Venezia Investigative Services our goal is to establish long-term professional relationships with our clients based upon our ability to deliver consistent high level and accurate information in a professional, confidential, and cost effective manner.

We know that to live up to our outstanding reputation and our clients’ high expectations we must provide exceptional investigative service every day.

Contact us by phone at (949) 833-0505 for a free telephone consultation with any of our trained investigators.