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Undisclosed civil litigation can expose the “serial litigant” with a track record of trivial legal actions. Obtaining this information in a background investigation demands deeper research than can be represented by a basic background check.

Venezia Investigative Services, a Southern California private investigations corporation is thrilled to publicize the release of investigators suggestions for background investigations. Venezia Investigative Services carries out background checks for corporations and individuals. The “ typical” background check utilizing the standard internet tools can deliver a national criminal background check but frequently omits key information such as civil litigation queries. This type of limited information can neglect some of the most essential information since the common c-level executive will most likely not have any criminal background. It is far more likely that these subjects could have substantial civil filings that can deliver insight into undisclosed organization concerns.

The issues that takes place in investigating civil litigation history is the reality that there is no centralized database for all civil court records. Some areas provide online records, but many require that records be acquired in person at the court-house. It requires a skilled in addition to experienced private eye to navigate various resources and compile an extensive report that showcases civil backgrounds.

About Venezia Investigations:
Venezia Investigations is a full service private investigations corporation delivering entire case solutions by utilizing cutting-edge computer forensics and conventional PI tools and tactics. For 20 years, Venezia’s investigators have labored in the public and private sector encompassing law enforcement, actual physical and automated security and computer forensics.

Venezia works with Law Firms, Financial Firms, Private and Public organizations and individuals in cases such as contentious divorce, child custody issues, fraud, embezzlement, spyware/malware detection, civil and criminal background investigations, due diligence.

Venezia Investigations methods incorporate:

    • Computer Forensics
    • Mobile Device Forensics
    • Spyware/Malware Detection
    • Network Breach Detection
    • Digital Debugging
    • IT Network Vulnerability Evaluations

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