Competitive Intelligence Gathering

chess-300x198[1]The corporate world grows ever more aggressive each year. Information is a valuable commodity in this fast paced, high tech environment. To remain competitive, businesses must constantly be aware of their surrounding environment. Our investigative staff will assist our corporate clients in identifying their competitor’s current trends and market directions.

A Corporation Status Reports can provide a detailed review of a business, including aspects not generally found in a business credit report.

These items include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate history
  • Corporate filings and legal identity
  • Current subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Industry reputation
  • Government licensing, status reports
  • Identification of Falsified Inventory Documents
  • Overview of current financial conditions
  • History of principal officers
  • Diversion of corporate property and equipment

Whether you are interested in merging your business, acquiring a business, financing a venture, or negotiating a settlement, Venezia Investigative Services Corporate Status Reports provide clients with the necessary data to take those critical business decisions. As always, our data is verified through multiple sources.

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