eye-300x201[1]A background profile of an individual’s professional, educational and personal background may possibly be one of the most important areas of information you can access from Venezia Investigative Services. Pre-employment screenings are invaluable to employers, affording a means to verify employment application information, credit history, criminal background and hidden employment.

Current employee profile investigations are often a starting point for a number of business related investigations. Employee theft, fraud and embezzlement are just to name a few.

Never before has the need to know the character of prospective tenants, employees or business associates been so vital. Our wide array of resources provides our clients with insights into a person not usually available by other means.

Areas of research include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Current employment
  • Criminal Background
  • Personal Relationship
  • Home Care Employee
  • Business Ownership & Affiliation
  • Financial Profile
  • Venture Capital Investment

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