Private Detective Southampton Comment on the Importance of ‘People Power’

According to the Telegraph report dated 4 September 2013 by Claire Carter: ‘People power’ of town stops armed raiders, Eastgate Jewellers located in a market town in Lincolnshire was the victim of an attack by Damion Clark and Christopher London, until town’s people intervened and the offenders were later arrested. On 3 September 2013 Judge Sean Morris at Lincoln Crown Court sentenced Clark to six years on pleading guilty to robbery and unlawful wounding and asking for 17 other offences to be taken into consideration and London to 4 years when he admitted robbery and asked for 12 other offences to be considered in case number T20137122.

As reported in the Telegraph by Claire Carter, in the market town of Louth many of the citizens banded together to prevent the two men in the report from getting away with robbing their local jewellers. Detectives from Private Detective Southampton believe community spirit and local support is paramount in helping crack down on crime. Television programmes such as Crimewatch have, over the years, provided police with missing information that has proved to be vital in many cases.

Spokesperson, Simon Mullon said: “Many people in our community have come to us in the past, to help them gain evidence to catch local criminals in the act of a crime. This can include anti-social behaviour by neighbours, vandalism or stalking, to name but a few.”

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